Small Business Clients we Serve

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Small businesses we commonly serve include a wide range of industries, however we have learned that often our best clients, and clients who benefit most from our services are not from a specific industry.  Instead, we have found that it comes down to the mindset of the business owner.  Businesses who get the most from our services have the following characteristics:

  • Posses a passion for their business being the best it can be
  • Desire to take a measured approach to running their businesses
  • Embrace technology and automation as much as possible in their businesses
  • Value having a CPA fulfill the role of trusted advisor and actively communicate with their accountant to bounce ideas off of
  • It always comes down to integrity and Character

While we have clients with revenue as high as 50 million, most of the Small Businesses we serve fall into 3 categories:

  1. 250 - 500K in sales with a desire to develop their business and take it to the next level                                        
  2. 750K - 1.2 Million in sales with a desire to improve efficiency, maximize profitability and build a business that requires less of their direct oversight with the goal of building a valuable, salable business                                     
  3. 2 - 8 Million in sales where opportunities include, organizational structure, budgeting & forecasting, operational efficiencies, strategic planning, opportunities for acquisitions and more...

Various businesses and Industries we work with include:

Real Estate:

Rental Management Companies

Real Estate Brokers

Commercial & Residential Rentals


General Contractors

HVAC Technicians

Painting Companies

Plumbing contractors





           IT & Technology Companies

Physicians Offices

Marketing Companies

Art & Music Studios

Retail/wholesale Businesses:




Gas Stations



           Gyms/Fitness Centers


           Catering Facilities




           Social Organizations

Other Businesses:

           Internet Companies

           Capital/Investment Groups

           Timber Companies

Printing Businesses

Solar Companies

Virtual Service Businesses