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Mehl & Associates was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing proactive, strategic, and value-added services that most business owners live without. Starting in 2009 with only 15 clients, we have grown to currently serve over 500 individual clients and nearly 100 businesses. Our journey has taught us some valuable things:

  1. Integral to our success is our ability to relate to our clients and understand their needs
  2. Never underestimate the value of "Proactive" advice
  3. Business owners need a CPA who understands Business as much as Accounting
  4. To help our clients succeed we need to look at their big picture which, in addition to Accounting, includes: Operations, Sales & Marketing and Organizational/Departmental Structure

Our Approach

What sets us apart is our ability to relate to business owners and understand their true long-term goals.  This shapes our perspective to "begin with the end in mind".  For instance, if the "end in mind" for a business owner is retiring well by accumulating net worth and building a saleable business, then we allow that focus to shape our approach.  Since a saleable business is a key component of your long-term goals, we look at how the Accounting information that we provide can 1) Minimize your tax and 2) Increase the profitability, and ultimately the value, of your business.

So while our primary focus is on the accounting aspects relating to businesses, we also focus on how the Accounting department can help other departments in your business to:

  • Identify the most profitable products or services
  • Understand our breakeven points and develop sales goals
  • Analyze the ROI of your Marketing Efforts
  • Benchmark our Gross Profit to our Target
  • Implement Job-Costing Processes

We encourage you to contact us for a Free Consultation where we can learn more about your business and offer customized ideas and solutions...

Infrastructure to Serve

Maintaining an office in Wappingers Falls, NY our dedicated team of CPA's and full-time Staff Accountants serve our clients year round.  By re-investing into our companies infrastructure, we provide the ability to service our clients needs while making sure that confidentiality of information, privacy and security of client information is of the utmost importance.  Investments of this nature include:

  • IT Security Measures including advanced Firewalls
  • Document Shredding Service
  • Paperless work environments
  • Secure Client Portal

Our Experience

Philip Mehl

Philip A. Mehl, CPA

Our experience has shaped our ability to provide value-added accounting and tax services to Small Businesses in the Greater Hudson River Valley. My personal experience started at age 19 when working full time as the bookkeeper for my father's business, with 18 employees and annual sales of 2.5 Milliion, at the same time attending SUNY New Paltz to earn a degree in Accounting. This experience provided the first opportunity to combine real world practical experience with technical skills learned in the class room.  This was the beginning of understanding what makes businesses and their owners tick from from an internal perspective.  After graduating, working for large regional CPA firms for 7 years gave me hands on experience working as an (external) CPA with experience in multi-state Corporations, high net-worth individuals, financial statements, audits and consolidated entities.  Subsequent to that, I had the opportunity to serve as a Controller/CFO for a growing company with 200+ employees.  While the prior 11 years provided the bulk of technical expertise, it was this opportunity that taught me valuable intangibles about the difference between working internally & externally for businesses.  It was this foundation that allowed us to hone our expertise of providing external tax & consulting services with the value added perspective of internally running a business.